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EIS Online

Special Weapons and Automagic Tradewars Helper!
  THE PLANET HANDBOOK (version 1.01) by Paladyne


With the creation of the Trade Wars Game Server (TWGS) Gold Edition, planets can be completely customized. If the GameOp wants to change a class (M)Earth Type into class (E)Earth Type, they can do so. If they want to add new planets to the list, the can, or they can even delete planets from the list. They can even change the colors that are displayed for a particular type of planet, or the violent effects of weather patterns on colonists.

The game operator (GameOp) can control almost everything about a planet. They can change the values for colonists to produce a FOE unit (Fuel Ore, Organics, or Equipment) or they can change the fighter production. They can change the maximum values, and they can modify the amount of goods needed or time required for each citadel level.

However, there are limits that a GameOp cannot control. For example, they cannot change the order that citadels are built. An interdictor generator is always level 6, and a Treasury is always Level 1, etc.

They CAN change all the requirements for each level, and they can also limit how advanced a planet can get. For example, a GameOp can allow a class (M)Earth Type planet to advance up to level 4 in a single day, with only 1 colonist and whatever amounts of FOE are given when the planet is created, but can also limit the planet to level 4 and not allow levels 5 and 6.

If nothing else, remember that when Gold extensions are turned on, a GameOp can modify the default settings of planets. The information given in the planet tables in section III (Planet Types & Descriptions) as well as section VI (Citadel Advancement Tables) are for when Gold extensions are turned OFF. With Gold extensions turned ON the settings can be different if the GameOp see fit to change them. Watch how each planet you create will progress to know for sure whether it has been modified or not.


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