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Special Weapons and Automagic Tradewars Helper!
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  SWATH.net News SWATH won two new awards

SWATH 2.0 Released

X-mas comes early this year :)
SWATH version 2.0 is released! Download it here.

  • Synchronization between SWATH clients in real-time
  • Improved text rendering in the terminal window
  • Support for turbo mode in Java scripts
  • Support for event handling in Java scripts
  • Updated encryption for communication (not backward compatible)
  • Updated the crash report system

SWATH 1.9.8 Released

SWATH version 1.9.8 is released. Download it here.
  • Fixed the freeze bug and some minor bugs

SWATH 1.9.7 Released

SWATH version 1.9.7 is released. Download it here.
  • Made high text speed limit optional and possible to adjust
  • Fixed problems with invalid MCIC values
  • Some other bug fixes

The winners of the 9th Annual Trade Wars 2002 Awards have been announced. SWATH won the awards Best Helper - Interface and Best Helper - Game play. SWATH and TWX Proxy is proven to be the most powerful combination out there today. Thank you all who voted!


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SWATH v2.0


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