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EIS Online

Special Weapons and Automagic Tradewars Helper!
  SWATH News Archive
SWATH 2.0 Released

X-mas comes early this year :)
SWATH version 2.0 is released! Download it here.
  • Synchronization between SWATH clients in real-time
  • Improved text rendering in the terminal window
  • Support for turbo mode in Java scripts
  • Support for event handling in Java scripts
  • Updated encryption for communication (not backward compatible)
  • Updated the crash report system

SWATH 1.9.8 Released

SWATH version 1.9.8 is released. Download it here.
  • Fixed the freeze bug and some minor bugs

SWATH 1.9.7 Released

SWATH version 1.9.7 is released. Download it here.
  • Made high text speed limit optional and possible to adjust
  • Fixed problems with invalid MCIC values
  • Some other bug fixes

SWATH 1.9.6 Released

SWATH version 1.9.6 is released. Download it here.
  • Support for MCIC calculation when trading ports
  • Improved high text speed handling for better user experience
  • Added ScriptFinished and ScriptAborted SWATH events
  • Option to ignore hostile sectors in World Trade and World SSM
  • Fixed bug in Major Space Lane marking
  • Some other bug fixes and improvements

SWATH 1.9.5 Released

SWATH version 1.9.5 is released. Download it here.
  • Support for Windows 7 and 30 000 sectors in the universe
  • Improved the turbo mode to increase the speed even more
  • Refresh Info command added to update the game database quickly
  • Added Game Text event and Alert actions to triggers
  • New custom User Display that can be updated via Java
  • Extended Java with game variables and daily production of planets
  • Rescan of the SWATH.cfg if it changes on disk during runtime
  • Lots of bug fixes and other improvements

SWATH 1.9.4 Released

SWATH version 1.9.4 is released. Download it here.
  • Added support for special strings in macros
  • Added Planet Warp and Ship Transport to map context menu
  • Fixed runtime problem with some Java versions
  • Fixed scroll issues in communication window

SWATH 1.9.3 Released

SWATH version 1.9.3 is released. Download it here.
  • Fixed some issues with the new turbo mode
  • Fixed lock up problem in some Java scripts
  • Enhanced the ChangePersonalSettings Java command
  • Fixed startup problem on Windows 95/98

SWATH 1.9.2 Released

SWATH version 1.9.2 is released. Download it here.
  • Fixed bug related to the new software protection
  • Fixed bug when scanning some trader names

SWATH 1.9 Released

SWATH version 1.9 is now finally released! Download it here.
  • World SSM script added
  • Turbo mode added to the Colonizer and the Planet Resource Mover
  • New terminal fonts in various sizes added
  • New improved software protection
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Several bug fixes
Remember to read the Release Notes.

Script library

The Script library have been fixed again. A newly installed piece of software added some configuration to the webservers configuration files that affected all servers for any directory named scripts.

Survey from EIS Online

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the original release of Trade Wars (December, 1986), I am pleased to announce that I have reached an agreement with Sylien Entertainment to develop a long-overdue graphical remake of this classic game. But before we can proceed, we need your help. Because Trade Wars is 20 years old, I have lost touch with all but a small percentage of its fanbase. Unless we can reach out to this fanbase and prove that interest in Trade Wars still exists, we will be unable to secure the funding necessary to complete this project.

The survey is located at http://www.sylien.com/survey.php

SWATH 1.8.3 Released

Download it here!
  • Fixed connect problem due to IE7
  • Some bug fixes for Rexx/ZOC

The 9th Annual Trade Wars Awards

SWATH won two new awards at the 9th Annual TW Awards:
  • Best Helper - Interface
  • Best Helper - Game play

SWATH 1.8.2 Released

Download it here!
  • Fixed sector warp bug that affects Visual Map, ZTM etc.
  • Some other bug fixes

SWATH 1.8.1 Released

Download it here!
  • Fixed execution of Rexx/ZOC scripts
  • Some other bug fixes

The 8th Annual Tradewars Awards

You can now vote in the 8th Annual Tradewars Awards. Final voting will end on January 29th.

Blast Off Tournament

SWATH is a proud sponsor of the Blast Off Tournament. The tournament is a bracket style, 1v1, death match with unlimited turns. Head over to the tournament page and sign up for some action now :-)

SWATH 1.7.1 Released

Download it here!
  • Important bug fixes

SWATH 1.7 Released

Download it here!
  • Simplified and updated script support
  • World Trade and Ether Probe Explore
  • No interference from communication
  • Event model added with triggers etc.
  • User toolbar & custom hot keys
  • New preferences, divided into application and game specific
  • Bug fixes, extended Java API etc.

7th Annual TradeWars Awards

It is time for the 7th Annual TradeWars Awards :)
Visit http://tavern.homeip.net/TWGS/ and vote now.
Final voting will end Thursday, February 26th at 7 PM EST.

SWATH 1.6.6 Released

SWATH 1.6.6 is now released. Download it here
  • Bug fixes

SWATH 1.6.5 Released

SWATH 1.6.5 is now released. Download it here
  • Added license status dialog and improved the offline mode
  • Some new Java commands and methods
  • Automatic crash report system added
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

SWATH 1.6.4 Released

SWATH 1.6.4 is now released. Download it here
  • Bug fixes

SWATH 1.6.3 Released

SWATH 1.6.3 is now released. Download it here
  • Bug fixes

SWATH 1.6.2 Released

SWATH 1.6.2 is now released. Download it here
  • Sector Finder and Fighter List added
  • Extended the Java script API
  • Active detection of the TWX Proxy mode
  • Many improvements and bug fixes

6th Annual Tradewars Awards

Nominations to the 6th Annual Tradewars 2002 Awards is now opened. Support SWATH and nominate us.

SWATH 1.6.1 Released

SWATH 1.6.1 is now released. Download it NOW

  • Better TWX Proxy Support
  • Extended Rexx script API
  • Fixed JVM.dll bug
  • Fixed WaitForText bug
  • Minor fixes and other smaller improvements

Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to all You Twarriors out there!

Best of luck in your games and lets hope 2003 will be a good year. With many victories.
To all our supporters out there we want to thank for a great year and You can look forward to continued improvements in SWATH. It's thanks to You that we been able to make SWATH the superb software it is today.

SWATH now supports Rexx/ZOC scripts

SWATH 1.6 is now released. Download it NOW

  • Rexx/ZOC script support!
  • Extended Java script API.
  • Quick macro recording.
  • List displays of ships and planets.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.

FAQ area launched

We have finally launched our FAQ area. Please check the FAQ before contacting us. This is to help us free up some of our time for the most common questions so we can put more energy in providing a quality product.

TWGS game server. There been numerous problems with people changing the admin login to the TWGS server. There will be some changes forth coming which will result in that ONLY REGISTERD SWATH users will have access to the admin area. To bad some people just have to screw up things for everyone.

Planet Handbook by Paladyne

Thanks to Paladyne for giving us permission to post his Planet handbook. Very good reading and will serv as a great chart for hopefully many players.

SWATH v1.6 is in beta 2 testing. So hopefully we will have a nicely working version released soon. Currently no more beta testers are needed. As many probably heard in one way or another this new release will have REXX script support.

New site launched

Our new site is now finally getting launched.

It has a lot of new features and more to come. The site been in a desperate need for an overhaul for a long time and I (macahan) have been working on and off for a long time and now it's finally done and ready for launch.

We are also proud to introduce the ATTAC to SWATH upgrade option. If you today own ATTAC then you can register SWATH for a discounted price and expand your software library. Read more about it here

SWATH 1.5.1 released

Fixed bug with very big maps.
Fixed problem with hanging Java scripts.
+ some other smaller bug fixes.

SWATH 1.5 released

  • Communication Window
  • Macro Support
  • Enhanced Bubble Finder
Lot of fixes and many other smaller improvements.

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SWATH v2.0


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