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EIS Online

Special Weapons and Automagic Tradewars Helper!
  THE PLANET HANDBOOK (version 1.01) by Paladyne


Invading another person or corporation's tunnel is a dangerous matter to deal with, as the costs are often high. You have to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages, the prize versus the cost, well before you reach a decision. Maybe its to gain their colonists, maybe its a deterrent to keep them from advancing while you build up your own forces and sectors. Whether you are defending a sector or invading one, you have to understand the order of events during an invasion.


Let's assume a worst-case scenario: a Level 6 planet, with some fighters and a Military Reaction percentage set, fuel ore for the Quasar Cannon, some planetary shielding in place, and Interdictor Generator is active. The sector has fighters, Armid mines, Limpet mines, and some NavHaz (from previous attempts). Here's what happens, one event at a time, until you are destroyed or victorious:


    1. NavHaz might be hit.
    2. A Limpet mine would attach to your ship.
    3. Armid mines will detonate.
    4. Quasar cannon will fire at Sector level
    (multiple planets with Quasars fire in planet# order).
    5. Sector fighters (1:1 odds) attack (if set to Offensive) or
    challenge (if set to Defensive ot Toll).


    6. Quasar cannon fires at Atmospheric setting.
    7. Planetary Shielding must be defeated at 20:1 odds.
    (after shields are defeated Quasar gets another Atmos shot)
    8. Military reaction fighters attack at 2:1 odds.
    remaining fighters defend the planet at 3:1 odds.
    9. You land on the planet.

If you are still alive after the Sector events, remember that the Interdictor Generator will not let your ship leave. You can, however, use your transporter pad to get into another ship if one is in range. If you attempt to back out of the sector or TransWarp out, the Interdictor will use 500 fuel ore preventing you from leaving, and the Quasar will fire again at the Sector level. If there is less than 500 fuel on the planet the interdiction fails and you escape.


If Photon Missiles are allowed and you are quick enough, several of the steps above can be skipped. Below a level 5 citadel, or less than 200 planetary shields are in the shield generator, then:

3. Armid mines WILL NOT detonate.
4. Quasar cannons are dampened and WILL NOT fire Sector shots.
5. Sector fighters WILL NOT attack or challenge.
6. Dampened Quasar cannon WILL NOT fire at Atmospheric setting
8. Military reaction fighters WILL NOT attack
9. ramaining fighters WILL NOT defend.

The defenses that are not skipped and must still be dealt with are:

1. NavHaz might be hit.
2. A Limpet mine would attach to your ship.
7. Planetary shielding (if any) must be defeated.
10. You land on the planet

If the planet has a level 5 citadel and 200 or more shields, then:

3. Armid mines WILL NOT detonate.
5. Sector fighters WILL NOT attack or challenge.

An invader still has to deal with all the planet-bound defenses. When the photon wave expires, so do the advantages.


Fuel Ore and fighters are the commodities of war, whoever has the most wins the battle. War-by-fighters goes to whomever has the most on hand and better odds, so its Offensive in nature. War-by-Ore is a matter of surviving the Quasar cannon blasts, so its more Defensive in nature.

Entering a sector with a Quasar cannon for the purpose of draining the planet's fuel is called Mothing. Because Sector shots use up fuel ore on the planet, and do little damage for the volume, some invaders will chew up defenses before launching their main assault.

Big moths are strongly-defensive ships. They have lots of shields and fighters to kill before the ship is destroyed. This eats up more sector fighters and fuel ore from cannon blasts. If the sector fighters are defeated, but the planets are still strong enough, an invader can move out and back again, taking Sector blasts from the Q-cannons and depleting the Fuel Ore. If a level 6 citadel is present, this goes even faster by using up the added 500 units from interdiction.

Little moths are the opposite of big moths. These are small, cheap, and disposable. Use big moths for lesser defenses they can survive, and little moths for extremely strong defenses. Why get into a big War-by-fighter battle with a Quasar cannon? It fires based on the fuel available, not the size of your ship. You can get podded twice per day and survive, but the third podding will destroy your ship and leave you out for the rest of the day. Several corporation members (other corps can join in, too!) can really drain fuel reserves in this manner.

Full-scale war is just what it says. Fighters get shredded, fuel gets burned, and Quasar cannons get red hot from use. Just when the tide turns, the Grimy Trader shows up and starts charging admission (just kidding)! Everything comes into play in a big way, and win the day or flee in frustration, someone will win the battle. Just try to remember its a game, a game of Trading and War, Warring and Trading, a game called "Trade Wars 2002".

The Quasar Cannon on Ferrengal locks onto you and fires!
Your ship is destroyed.

Have a nice day!

Paladyne paladyn@optonline.net


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